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ATM Solutions

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The reliability, efficiency and security of banking ATM networks is key in order to provide customers with convenient 24 hour self-service access to their accounts and the assurance that their money is in good and safe hands.

For many banks that have branches and ATMs spread over thousands of miles, with a scarcity of technicians to support it all and with the increasing incidence of ATM-based fraud we help banks rise to the challenge with automated technology solutions for monitoring ATM devices, managing cash levels and proactively detecting fraud attempts in their ATM networks.


ATM Financial Management

Take control of your ATM channel. Track your ATM assets by make, model, configuration. Manage the income and expenses of each ATM in order to generate detailed financial reports and quickly calculate the return of your investment. .

ATM Monitoring

Monitor all ATM devices in your network and receive real-time alerts for faults such as low cash levels, empty paper trays, card reader problems, printer jams. The solution can be integrated into your customer service desk to automatically record trouble tickets, alert technical support staff, and follow pre-defined escalation and resolution procedures.

Management can generate reports to study statistics on ATM network availability and proactively locate problem points in the network to improve overall service efficiency and meet customer service goals.

ATM Fraud Management

Fraud is an increasing threat to banks which is why we provide you with a fraud detection/prevention solution to analyze real-time ATM transactions to flag or decline fraudulent activity to limit losses.

Bank risk analysts create and deploy custom fraud detection rules based on observation and knowledge of local environment with rules tailored specific to each card product.The engine complements this by analyzing historical transactions to build an intelligent statistical profile of each customer's behavior in order to recognize irregular activity and identify a high probability of fraud.

When suspicious transactions occur the system will generate alerts which can be routed to fraud analysts for further investigation.

To further limit losses, the system can be configured in line with the authorization system to detect fraud in real-time to decline transactions automatically.

ATM Cash Management

Managing cash is the single largest expense of maintaining an ATM that is why our cash management software solution helps you to keep your ATMs stocked with cash by calculating optimum replenishment requirements.

Now you can accurately forecast the demand for cash at each ATM by analyzing historical usage patterns, tracking transactions and factoring in the incidence of holidays and other special events. With this data you can optimize delivery schedules to reduce cash-outs and costly unscheduled emergency runs.

At all times, managers are equipped with real-time information on the cash position of each ATM to perform reconciliation and identify any cash discrepencies.


  • Better risk management of ATM network
  • Improved ATM availability
  • Efficient use of cash throughout the network
  • Accurate data on customer ATM utilization
  • Fewer costly trips needed to replenish or maintain ATMs

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